[Fsf-friends] Reference to Open Cola

doxa@sancharnet.in doxa@sancharnet.in
Sun Aug 21 17:41:49 IST 2005

This is a piece of info from Wikipedia site on <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source"> Open Source.  </a>
"...Open Cola is another idea inspired by the open source movement. Soft drink giants like Coke and Pepsi hold their formulas closely guarded secrets. Now volunteers have posted the recipe for a similar soda drink on the internet. The taste is said to be comparable to that of the standard beverages..."

Since Cola is notorious for ground-water exploitation, I think someone should drop all references to Coke or Pepsi and their proprietary recipe while explaining Free Software.

The page though 'edit'-able, behind a proxy, its not. Someone has to do it.
CK Raju

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