[Fsf-friends] Participation by FSF-India in LB-05

Kanti Jadia j_kanti@rediffmail.com
Tue Aug 9 15:24:44 IST 2005

>I am planning a visit to bangalore for attending LB. I'm also willing to
>help setup and run an FSF stall there. 
This would be really gr8.thanks Anurag . 
>Anand Sharma has some 600 FSF
>handouts with him. We can get more printed if we know rough estimate of
>how much we'll need.

The number of visiters in LB maybe a couple of times higher( near to 3000+ in 2004 ).
Looking for details from all the friends here regarding the stall setup.

What do you think is relevent putting at the FSF-India booth.
Any "been there, done that" details would be really an eye opener.

The IndLinux group has been setting up a stall there, maybe they can share some of their insight too.



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