[Fsf-friends] Desktop supercomputers

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 09:29:03 IST 2005

Man: clock rate of 2KHz; 
     million million processors, 
     can solve sophisticated problems in less than 400 cycles (under
ideal conditions ;),
     can do complex imaging, audio processing etc with available
sensory intelligence

Machine: clock rate in the range of Teraflops (super computers);
         few processors;
         can have very wide sensory intelligence but cannot do complex
         and "problem solving" capabilities are not really worth mentioning

Suppose I want  my application to run  40 to 200 queries on  a db, all
concurrently,  to   take  a  simple  decision,   brain  like  parallel
processing schemes/devices seems useful.  The recent 64 bit processors
seem to  come with capacities for very  large RAM, etc, and  I am just
curious if brain emulators are possible now.  "Supercomputers" seem to
be more focused  on increasing clock speeds, but  it may be worthwhile
to also focus on increasing  the number of threads/processors we could
use to the range of million millions trading off with clock rate.

I am not sure about technical feasibility etc., but this is one of the
"unsolved" areas of cs, that may be of interest to researchers :)


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