[Fsf-friends] Participation by FSF-India in LB-05

Kanti Jadia j_kanti@rediffmail.com
Tue Aug 2 20:08:34 IST 2005


On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 Nagarjuna G. wrote :
>Kanti Jadia wrote:
>>Hi Friends,
>>Just sent an email to lb mailing list to get the status on participation by FSF-India this year.
>>The name of the event is not yet known ( maybe in a couple of days ).
>>This is the right time to align the movements in India
>>Let me know your thoughts
>The only reason why we are not there is because the people in banagalore are not doing it.  please organize among yourselves with fsf-bangalore and now you are quite a few motivated hackers, so you can get a stall at least going.  I think the organizers will provide a free stall, if not we can pay for it.  I would say we anyway have to spend on things like, stickers, posters, handouts, and make some money by selling CDs and t shirts. 

Maybe selling CDs may not be feasable.
We can probably collect donations on behalf of FSF-India and give the goodies as gratis.Any previous experience here would help.
Remember LB( the new name ) would have more than a couple of thousands.

>But, FSF India wouldn't want to sponser an essentially open source event, but would want to be there spreading free software ideas around taking the benifit of the people who come there.

I do not think it remains as an open source event anymore.
What i hear is something to make it a premier FOSS event in India.


Maybe a direct talk with the organizers would clear up the matter.



Enjoy your Freedom,use GNU/Linux.

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