[Fsf-friends] Re: Kairali Linux

Anand Babu ab@gnu.org.in
Thu Jul 29 23:33:13 IST 2004

I appreciate your quick action. I will ask FSF-I members to review and
forward your distribution for localized e-Governance initiatives.

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <www.gnu.org>

,----[ ost@cdit.org ]
| Dear ab,
|   Taking into account your suggestion, we have officially changed the
| name of our GNU/Linux distribution, Kairali Linux to Kairali GNU/Linux.
| Since we have printed the cover and stickers for the CDs we cannot
| change the labels on them immediately.This change will be effected in
| the covers when it goes to the press next time. Hereafter the
| Distribution will be officially referred as "C-DIT Kairali GNU/Linux".
| We will look forward for more suggestions.
| regards
| Manilal/Manoj
| -- 
| Open Source Technology Team,
| Centre for Development of Imaging Technology,
| C-DIT City Centre,
| Near Press Club,
| Statue,
| Thiruvananthapuram - 695001.
| Keralam, India.
| Telephone: ++91-471-2339539
| Fax: ++91-471-2335995
| Email: ost@cdit.org
| Website: www.cdit.org

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