[Fsf-friends] Rachana font released in Free license

Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan gnu@vsnl.net
Mon Jan 26 16:04:15 IST 2004

Please don't use the ones you currently have. We will soon have the 
fonts with proper copyright matters embedded in the font with credits. 
The font creators, Shri Hussain and Shri Chitranja Kumar are working on 
webpages for the project. They will be releasing it on the web soon. 
This list will be informed. Students of CUSAT should be credited for 
working to make this work GPL and is so is the authors who happily 
agreed when they heard about the GNU project and the GPL. They (students 
of CUSAT) are also working on opentype fonts and further development of 
Rachana fonts together with original authors.


Manilal wrote:

>I have this font with me. If you want this I'll send it. But I don't know
>whether it's official release or not. However since there are no full
>fledged editors using this charset it's little use now. We are working to
>develop such an editor. The fonts are fantastic and most of them look like
>the letters in the older 'thaliyola'. I am not a member  of the
>development team. One of my friends gave me this fonts.
>Sajith VK said:
>>	Rachana, a malayalam font is released in free license.
>>This release was by RMS, during his kochi visit.  RMS did
>>mentioned about this in a discussion at CESS, tvm.
>>	Did anybody now the details like where Can we get the font,
>>and who all are this great movement......
>>"Freedom Matters"
>>Sajith VK
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