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Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Fri Sep 26 16:55:30 IST 2003

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Timo Mielonen wrote:

> Marko Ulvila is a senior activist engaged with a number of movement groups and 
> NGOs. One of his interest is the struggle for freedom of knowledge and 
> information. For this reason he is an active proponent of free software. In 
> 2000-2002 he was a special advisor to minister for development cooperation, 
> Ms. Satu Hassi (greens) who initiated the study on free software in 
> developing countries. Now he is engaged with a Finnish NGO Coalition for 
> Environemnt and Development which is co-organising a number of worksops for 
> Mumbai WSF. Although free software is not on the agenda of CED, Marko is keen 
> to get in touch with the Indian activists in this field. As a linux user 
> since 1998 he is keen to deepen his knowledge of and expand his contacts with 
> the members of the community. He will be in India from beginning October to 
> end of January. marko.ulvila@kaapeli.fi

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