[Fsf-friends] GNU/Linux updates... Linux-based phones, Java, crypto...

Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Sat Sep 20 06:54:56 IST 2003

patricia colby writes "Market's Most Popular Open Mobile Alliance Standards
Suite Speeds Linux Phones To Market. DEMOmobile, La ...

TRY Some 'Guerilla Capitalism': Get Dell to Pre-Install Linux for ...  - LinuxWorld
... I talked with their salescritters, and everything went fine until the
end, when they said "And Linux, that's a Windows program, right?" I explained
what Linux ...         Try Some 'Guerilla Capitalism': Get Dell to Pre-Install
Linux for ...

REVIEW: Java Desktop System on Linux - NewsForge
Sun Microsystems' just-released Java Desktop System for x86 is a polished
Linux desktop that rivals Windows XP and even Mac OS X for fit, finish
and ease of use ...

UPDATED crypto software supports Linux-based devices - Linux News
... platform cryptographic toolkit, Security Builder Crypto, which now
includes FIPS-validated algorithms and support for more than 30 platforms
including Linux. ...

'PENGUINSTEIN?' Tux Stars in IBM Linux Animations - LinuxWorld
"We've made every IBM e-server Linux-enabled, and now we've made a little
investment in some Linux fun. We created these animated ...

MANAGING Linux Systems with Webmin: System Administration and ...  - Help Net Security, Croatia
Webmin is a software tool that offers simplified Linux/UNIX system administration
from any web browser. The second Bruce Peren's ...

BOOTING Linux Faster - Slashdot
krony writes "IBM's DeveloperWorks explains how to decrease boot times
for your Linux box. The concept is to load system services in parallel
when possible. ...

FOR Linux and Open Source - NewsForge
... European Parliament (MEP) about Free Software; a day becomes even more
unusual when an MEP's assistant starts to talk to you about happy penguins
and GNU/Linux ...

ASIA may develop alternative to Windows - Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA
... from the free Linux operating system could intensify with the help
of a powerful Asian triumvirate: Japan and South Korea are prodding China
to join an effort ...

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