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VOLUNTEERS OF the India Linux Users' Group (Goa) will put up a wide range of
talks, during the ECAP in Panjim and Margao. ECAP is the Exhibition of 
Computers and Allied Products, to be organised by the Computer Society 
of India (CSI-Goa chapter) on Sept 13/14 in Panjim and Sept 20/21 in 
Margao. This is intended to be of interest to the enterprise segment, 
home-users, students, educationists and parents. In particular, there will 
be a special focus during the demos, scheduled to be held on the first 
floor of Hotel Mandovi, on September 13/14. More details from 

Below are some of the talks to be scheduled during the ECAP: 

Dr Gurunandan Bhat
Enterprise Mail and Messaging Solutions With Linux 

Animesh Nerurkar

Prof Kshama Fernandes, GIM 
Free Software In The World Of Finance

	Topic: Kshama has been using Debian for her research in Finance. She
	will talk and demo the tools used, why these tools were selected

	o LaTeX  -Documentation
	o PERL 5 -Data and File manipulation and simulation.
	o Shell Scripts - Data and File Manipulation and Wrapper Scripts.
	o Jgraph -building graphs from Data.
	o R -Statistical calculations
	o Gnumeric -Data manipulation and Data conversion.
	o Awk - for data manipulation
	o R - statistical software
	o Gnuplot
	o Pdfscreen - for slide shows

	Stata -Statistical calculations Intended

	Intended audience: Any newbie or professional who has questions
	about the power of GNU/Linux or wishes to witness the demo of this

Prof George Easaw, GEC
Latex, the document preparation system in
An introduction to Magicpoint. 

Mario Alvarez, alienwiz.com
Goaing For A Holiday: A Made-In-Goa Hotel Management
Software developed with GNU/Linux tools.

Tushar Joshi, currently runs the London Linux group
Linux In London: What, How and Why
Specially meant for LUG members. Others welcome too.

Dr Gurunandan Bhat

Dr Anil Seth, Head of IT, PCC
Python, Without Venom

	The talk will walk through a small, mundane utility program and in
	the process demonstrate how we can exploit Python to work at a very
	high level. We will assume that a person knows very little about
	Python but has some background about computers. We will discuss one
	concern at a time and discuss how to learn just what is needed to
	solve the problem on hand. The speaker hopes to convey the
	underlying simplicity of Python, the amazing power it gives us and
	the philosophy of Guido van Rossum to make programming accessible to

Bijon Shaha
Linux... Made Easy!

Yunus Shaikh
Embedded Linux

Arvind Clement
Computer Security: A Primer For All Computer Users

Ashley Delaney 
Multimedia and GNU/Linux at home

This talk will attempt to focus on the multimedia aspects of the operating
system that home-users generally deploy. It attempts to bridge the gap
betwen commanplace Windows software and its GNU/Linux equivalents. It will
showcase examples of a true mustitasking and home usage of comman tasks on a
stable and virus free OS.

Arvind Yadav
FLOSS in the corporate world

Sanil Talaulikar

Getting It Straight: Options For A Software Developer Under GNU/Linux (with
a special focus on Sossegado, a game being built on the FLOSS platform.)

DURING THE DEMOS, there will be special focus on the educational software 
put out in the special distro 'FreEDUC'. 

You can meet ECAP volunteers at the 'Rampon', Hotel Mandovi, Panjim (Sept 
13/14, whole day), or at Adarsh Vidyalaya, Margao (Sept 20/21). FN

More details from: 
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