[Fsf-friends] Linux New Media Award Nominations (fwd)

Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Tue Sep 9 21:27:30 IST 2003

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Dear Linux Enthusiast,

The Linux New Media Award will again be presented in 2003 to products, 
projects, and companies that have made a particularly important 
contribution to free software and open source this year.

This is the fourth year for the Linux New Media Award, the second as an 
Editors’ Choice. The international jury is made up of editors, authors, 
developers and businesspeople active in the Linux Community, and we 
invite you to participate in this year’s Award voting.

Linux New Media publishes the English-language Linux Magazine, the 
German-language Linux-Magazin, LinuxUser, and EasyLinux magazines as well 
as the online portal www.linux-community.de.

We will publish the results of the Award voting and present the jury in 
the December 2003 issues of our publications.  Therefore, we’d like to 
request that you send us a current photo and short bio to be used for 
this purpose.

The voting process is simple and is handled in two stages.  First, we 
collect nominations for the pre-defined categories from the jury.  
Secondly, the final voting takes place a few days later.

Our editorial teams have already made some nominations for each of the 
categories. Only products, projects, and companies that stand out through 
particular importance, innovation and/or significance should be 

Please send us your further nominations by email to 
award@linuxnewmedia.com by September 14th, 2003.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best Regards,

  John Southern          Hans-Georg Eßer        Jan Kleinert
- Linux Magazine         - LinuxUser -        - Linux-Magazin -
  International -        - EasyLinux - 


Linux New Media Award 2003 Categories - please ad your nominees


* Best Notebook *
Apple, IBM, Dell,...

* Best Free Project for Hardware Support *
Sane, Cups, Acpi Kernel 2.6,...


* Distributions *
Red Hat, SuSE, Debian,...

* IDE Development System *
K-Develop, Eclipse, Kylix,...

* Multimedia *
VDR, DeCSS, Xine,...

* Most Beginner-friendly Desktop Application *
OpenOffice, K-Mail, K3B, Nautilus,...

* Most Interesting Programming Language *
Ruby, Python, C# / Mono,...

* Collaboration Software *
Evolution, Kolab, OpenGroupware,...


* Newcomer of the Year *
Typo3, Firebird, SGI Altix,...

* Institution / Organization / Company that has especially helped Linux *
EuroLinux, Open Source Now Fund (Red Hat), City of Munich, OSDL,...

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