[Fsf-friends] RMS is a Mahatma for the World

Ramanraj K ramanraj@vsnl.com
Sun Sep 7 05:22:21 IST 2003

The British used religion as a  tool to divide and rule India.  Gandhi
attempted  to use  religion  to unite  us.   The use  of religion  for
uniting or  dividing is dangerous as  we now know.  RMS,  being a self
proclaimed  atheist, does  not suffer  this  vice.  His  modesty is  a
blessing for many who distribute  GNU/Linux calling it after their own
corporate brand names!

We have pesticides in the soil and water that are refusing to go away,
largely because  we forgot  the virtue of  the Gandhian  principles of
non-violence and simple living.

Thiruvalluvar has arranged the parts in Thirukkural as follows:

   Virtue -> Wealth -> Pleasure

This  is  the  core  of  our  culture.   The  time  tested  truths  of
Thiruvalluvar  and  Avvayar, should  be  at  the  core of  governance.
Fusing this into the software we write is a real challenge, and it may
produce real results.

Please try  to prepare  a list of  people who  live up to  the highest
virtues preached by Thiruvalluvar, Avvayar, and Gandhi.  I have placed
RMS at the top of the list, as a mahatma the world could admire.

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