[Fsf-friends] Re: GNU Freedom

CK Raju doxa@sancharnet.in
Thu Sep 4 20:43:31 IST 2003

> The freedom to share and change software, in and of itself, is less
> directly important to society than other freedoms that we are all
But the concept of sharing here, for the benefit of all, is unique.
Maybe, the success of Free Software, should trigger similar initiatives from other dimensions as well, once the LOSS OF FREEDOM becomes all too pervasive and visible. Even at that point, an attempt to turn the clock back, would be impossible, and one need not be a pessimist to appreciate the futility of such an exercise.

> aware of.  At the same time, as society becomes increasingly dependent
> on computer use, it may be that we need freedom in using software if
> we are to preserve our other freedoms.
But the medium of transmission and most other components are out of our bounds, and are at the mercy of a few BIG PLAYERS. It would heavily depend on these BIG PLAYERS, to allow us to use the slowly but steadily SHRINKING SPACE.

These words, coming from you, RMS, show your closeness to the select FEW of ALL TIME GREATS.

CK Raju

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