[Fsf-friends] A help needed to correct transcript of RMS speech delivered at MIT

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Sun Dec 14 18:46:52 IST 2003

The Chennai ILUG http://www.chennailug.org has published transcripts 
from the speech delivered by Richard M Stallman, founder of the Free 
Software Movement,
at MIT, Chennai, on 13th, March, 2002 at : 

RMS recently had an occasion to view a part of it and suggested a few 
corrections to it as follows:

      but so,emacs became a religion. we even have a great sism between

It's spelled "schism".

      You must Exorcise the evil proprietary operating systems from all the
      computers you control.  and then install a wholly free operating
      system instead.

I suggest writing "holy (= wholly)" here.

      if you make this commitments and live by it, then you too would be a

Commitment, singular.

It would be nice if all the typos and errors in the transcript are 
fixed.  Is there anybody who attended the speech of RMS on 13th, March, 
2002 at MIT and prepared to edit and correct the transcript?

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