[Fsf-friends] free library software

Raghavendra Bhat ragu@vsnl.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 10:00:39 +0530

sreekumar posts :

>> we  are  looking  for  a   library  software  (GPL)  for  my  college
>> library. please inform if anybody have any information.

Someone at  IISc, Bangalore has compiled  a good list got  by linking up

In fact, I have requested our Public Library at Ernakulam to go for only
Free  Software  in  implementing  solutions.   They  have  a  `non-free'
solution provided by someone which is in a total mess now for which they
had wasted a huge amount of money.

There was this  article in First Monday or Linux  Today which was asking
for Libraries  to go for FS  solutions, please do search  via the Google

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