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Subject: [BSD-INDIA] Networking,crypto and anti spam talk
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Hello folks,

       This is  a free two day tutorial on a-z of networking,crypto
and spam control strategies.

       Take a look at the slides here(unfinished)


       The talk will be sometime end Dec in IIT Madras.

       I hope my friend arranges for a big enough hall to accommodate everyone.
       Exact details will be communicated later, but as of now the
plan is to have a 9 am to 6 pm class session with 6 to 8 pm for

       This will be on a Saturday and Sunday.

       I hear some folks are planning to come down to Chennai.


       I request all of you to come and let us have some fun!

       Of course all are welcome, the more the merrier. :)

       Looking fwd to meeting you all...


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