[Fsf Education] Programming Languages

Arun M arun@freedevelopers.net
31 Oct 2002 08:42:01 +0530

> BASIC may be bad from the computer scientist's point of view. But you
> need to consider the existing expertise also.
> Who is going to teach.

As far as i can understand it is a clean slate(teachers). They dont know
much abt Basic or Python. Teacher training is a must.

QBasic is what being used for 8th and suggested to continue !!!

I feel Basic is complex compared to Python. 

1. Arrays .

    a =['b','c',1]


    is it possible to have char and int in one array in basic ? 

2. evil GOTO 

       What is Basic with out GOTO ;)

3. function ?

    Can we have functions in Basic ??
    GOSUB - RETURN with line numbers is ugly. 

4. Python-Turtle

   What is better than Python-Turtle with IDLE

5. Interactivity.
   Is there a interactive Basic ?