[Fsf Education] Programming Languages

Raju Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 21:58:23 +0530

>>>>> "Arun" == Arun M <Arun> writes:

    Arun> Hi Friends, Long since we had a flame !!!  Let me try
    Arun> one. Which language should students on Kerala learn.
    Arun> Basic or Python ? Raju's Language or God's ?
    >>  Basic?  Ewww!
    >> I'd say Python.  Even though I personally prefer Perl for my
    >> own programming, I appreciate that it takes some getting used
    >> to.  Python

    Arun> I share your view, even if i cant code in Perl(i started
    Arun> Perl long back immediately switched to Python). I like perl
    Arun> philosophy a lot.  Larry Wall seems to be good in that :)

    Arun> IMHO, Logo is much better than Basic for
    Arun> introduction. People seems to have some fascination with
    Arun> 'Basic'. May be most of the 'aged' experts started with
    Arun> Basic.

Why bring Basic into the picture at all?  Let's stick to Logo for the
primary and Python for the Intermediate and Secondary classes IMNSHO.

BTW, I'm an `aged expert' and I started programming in Basic.  It's a
nice language, and you can make it do unbelievable things, but I still
wouldn't want to teach it to anyone.

Generally Not Used - Except by Middle-Aged Computer Scientists :)


-- Raju
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