[Fsf Education] Re: [Fsf-india] Free Software in education.

Gami fsf-edu@mm.gnu.org.in
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 20:51:51 +0530

i have just recently joined this list and havent yet gone through the
archives for the previous discussion... but i would like to ask what exactly
are we trying to build here ? is it some kind of a distribution that we
would like to project linux as ? or is it some kind of a distribution that
would make the kids curious about linux and try it out themselves ?
why are we talking about including apps like ddd and perl/python etc ? do
you really think a kid who's just been introduced to linux and gets to work
at most an hour a day on a linux box would be interested in knowing what
python can do for him ?
he would rather go out and play in the field. or maybe goto the canteen and
meet the girls.

in my opinion, what we need to do is gather applications which are GUI
based, easy to use and understand, and which can help the kids to do
something that they cant over a windoze or a DOS based machine. Something
which gives them visible power, and teaches them the importance of free
software and open source.


> We need to have a discussion on the packages to be included. Initially
> I was thinking of having some packages from Debian Jr, but since this
> is targetted at Plus-2 students, I think we need forget about Debian
> Jr, and prepare a list ourselves. May be it should include vi and
> emacs, gcc/gdb/ddd/g++/gcj, perl, python, gtk+-dev, other dev
> libraries, galeon etc. I will try to make a list and post it here.